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This application bring Floating Bar in LGV30 to any android device

This application bring Floating Bar in LGV30 to any android device

I. How to use this application?
+ To open Floating Bar:
    Swipe or touch view in your screen after turn on floating bar service.
+ To close Floating Bar:
    Floating Bar will colapse when user touch outside.
II. Feature of this app ?

We give user 8 tabs. And each tab had one feature:
1. Tools tab: Give you more shortcut like Screenshot, Turn off screen, Home, Back, Power , Recent Apps, On/Off Bluetooth. We have 18 tools to choose.
2. Apps tab: User can access and choose your application shortcut to quick open.
3. Weather tab: This tab give you weather forecast. You can check weather in your current location or search in any location. Weather will update at least after 10 min when you show this weather view.
4. Music tab: If you usually using music player. This tab need access notification service to play music by the current application. Or simply using defaut music player when play.
5. Contact tab: You can add your favorite contact to call imediately
6. Website tab: Very simple. Add your favorite link and save in this tab. you can access this link quickly
7. Recent app: It will show your history about recent app you had open and use
8. Lucky Number: This tab will give you random dice and random number when you touch it. And may you can earn pro theme from your lucky. This tab are in development.

How to use this Floating bar app, guide video

How to Download App | Mera Website Se Apps kaise Download kare | Full Guide Video

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