How To Enable Fast Action Mode in all Android devices

A sidebar for making fast and personal actions such as home button notifications
The sidebar with fast actions which can be showed or hide. Press the button for making them visible or not. This button can be changed from one place to another in the screen.
In addition, it contains a setting menu where you can change the positions of the action bar or you can hide it.
For more settings, you can watch videos for enabling all the setting for one month, such as: animations, transparence and action size of the Sidebar.
Available actions in the sidebar:

Applications – Back button – Home button – Recent apps – Notifications – Settings
The side actions allow the use of the main functions, giving an easy and better access. In the case that the hard buttons are broken you can use this function perfectly.
The first icon of the actions allows us to switch between the list of fast actions or the applications list.
In the applications list there is a button that allows you to add or remove applications from a list with all installed applications.
Gesture detection to go back and show actions, when enabling gestures you can define the size, position and gestures.
Create own gestures to open applications, contains a module to create the gestures and assign them to the application, delete gestures or modify the gestures created.
In the sidebar We have a button to start the detection of the gesture and there is also a floating button to make gestures

How to Use Fast Action Slidebar App | Video Guide

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