How to install One Ui 2.0 Wheel side bar features any Samsung devices

Install Samsung Galaxy One Ui 2.0 Wheel sidebar feature on any Samsung Galaxy devices like Galaxy J2, Galaxy J7, Galaxy A50 Etc.
So this cool App, name Wheel Launcher is really amazing launcher, you can install this app in almost any Android devices.
Wheel launcher has lots of amazing features, the most amazing one is wheel sidebar feature.
Here is the Complete guide video in Hindi, in this video I have explained, how to use this sidebar feature.
Please watch this video and follow the Steps.
How to Download App | Mera Website Se Apps kaise Download kare | Full Guide Video

Download Wheel Launcher From Here

Download में क्लिक करने के बाद, आप 15 सेकेंड्स WAIT कीजिए आपको  APP का Direct download लिंक तुरंत मिल  जाएगा।
               इस पोस्ट से जुड़े अगर आपको कुछ सवाल पूछना है तो नीचे कमेंट करें मैं जरूर रिप्लाई दूंगा।


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