Animations on battery icon on Android


The best Animations for Battery icon for almost all Samsung and Android devices.
Battery charging animations by Chargie — the best phone charge possible
Chargie displays battery charging animations. This is a fashionable and trending way of phone charge. 
Charge effects look sexy and allow users to customize one more aspect of their Android experience. For now, Chargie has 44 battery charging animations that transform usual phone charge into art.
These effects are grouped into three categories: Energy, Digital and Fire & Sparks. Fire and Sparks effects are cozy and cute, so never doubt to choose them when it’s cold outside. Digital battery charging animations are perfect for new devices to make them look even more futuristic. Energy effects literally visualize what’s going on under the hood.
Battery charging animations is a helpful tool to make sure the phone charge is actually happening. Seeing stylish effect is much more comfortable, then squinting onto the status bar and trying to understand what the buttery icon says. So, if you don’t see the effect after plugging the device in, be sure you need another charger  — Chargie never mistakes.
So, this app is a perfect personalization tool. Just choose your favourite battery charging animation. Which one represents your personality or complements your device philosophy? For me, it’s a cozy bonfire.  
Wait, that’s not all! Chargie provides a bunch of customization tools for the effects. After selecting the best battery charging animation, please check out the additional tools. Set the perfect transparency,  define suitable size, place the effect in the most proper area. Finally, set up if you want to see phone charge effect constantly, or once as a splash when the battery plugged in.

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